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Havana Hide Patchwork Collection

Havana Hide Patchwork Collection

Introducing the Havana Hide Patchwork, a series that captures the essence of abstract artistry and contemporary design through its unconventional craftsmanship. Each piece in this assemblage represents a fusion of modern and rustic lodge aesthetics, creating an inviting atmosphere in any space. 

Handcrafted from the finest leather on a sturdy cotton foundation, these rugs are available in rich shades of black and brown, offering a seamless blend into various decor palettes. Intricate geometric patterns and novel patchwork designs render a unique and captivating allure, adding an element of intrigue to your living area or workspace.

The singular design in the series, named Cienfuegos, reflects elements that are both striking and understated, affording an exquisite balance to this piece of floor art. Fringeless edges and the absence of borders give the rugs a sleek, refined finish, making them a perfect statement piece for those who appreciate design that tells a story.

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm and sophistication of the Havana Hide Patchwork, where each step on these rugs is an experience in luxury and style.

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