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Maritime Shores Collection

Maritime Shores Collection

Experience the serene tranquility of the sea with our Maritime Shores. This assortment of rugs is an homage to the enchanting beauty of coastal life and is designed to transform your outdoor space into a seaside retreat. With a foundation crafted from durable polypropylene and a pile made of 100% polypropylene, these rugs are not only sturdy but also soft to the touch.

Available in a palette of colors that echoes the hues of the ocean and the sand, ranging from Navy Blue to Aqua, from warm Rust Red to cool Stone Blue and sunny Yellow. Each design in the collection carries the essence of a different coastal element, be it the lapping waves of Harbor, the sandy expanse of Dunes, or the historical charm of Lighthouse.

Embracing themes of Beach and Nautical, the Maritime Shores offers solid prints as well as textured variety, lending versatility and an air of sophistication to your outdoor living area. Perfect for those who love the call of the sea, this collection is a beacon of style and comfort.

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