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  1. Surya Boardwalk Collection BDW-4021

    Surya Boardwalk Collection BDW-4021

    Starting at: $103.00
  2. Surya Anastacia ANA-8410

    Surya Anastacia ANA-8410

    Starting at: $252.00
  3. Surya Lighthouse Collection LTH-7006

    Surya Lighthouse Collection LTH-7006

    Starting at: $120.00
  4. Surya Appalachian APP-1003

    Surya Appalachian APP-1003

    Starting at: $194.00
  1. Surya Arabesque Collection ABS-3052

    Surya Arabesque Collection ABS-3052

    Starting at: $65.00
  2. Surya Athena ATH-5035

    Surya Athena ATH-5035

    Starting at: $96.00
  3. Surya  Alfredo Collection AFR3333 Contemporary Rug

    Surya Alfredo Collection AFR3333 Contemporary Rug

    Starting at: $72.00
  4. Surya Athena ATH-5113

    Surya Athena ATH-5113

    Starting at: $96.00
  1. Surya Atlas Collection ATS-1004

    Surya Atlas Collection ATS-1004

    Starting at: $294.00
  2. Surya Denali Collection DEN-5002

    Surya Denali Collection DEN-5002

    Starting at: $180.00
  3. Surya Autota Collection AUR-1000

    Surya Autota Collection AUR-1000

    Starting at: $98.00
  4. Surya, Escape ESP-3017

    Surya, Escape ESP-3017

    Starting at: $132.00
  1. Surya Bambino Collection BBO-5005

    Surya Bambino Collection BBO-5005

    Starting at: $78.00
  2. Surya Riley RLY-5020

    Surya Riley RLY-5020

    Starting at: $62.00
  3. Surya Riley RLY-5054

    Surya Riley RLY-5054

    Starting at: $62.00
  4. Surya Alfresco ALF-9592

    Surya Alfresco ALF-9592

    Starting at: $83.00
  1. Surya Alfresco ALF-9626

    Surya Alfresco ALF-9626

    Starting at: $83.00
  2. Surya Belladonna Collection BDA-3000

    Surya Belladonna Collection BDA-3000

    Starting at: $116.00
  3. Surya Alfresco ALF-9636

    Surya Alfresco ALF-9636

    Starting at: $83.00
  4. Surya Aberdine Collection ABE-8004

    Surya Aberdine Collection ABE-8004

    Starting at: $78.00
  1. Surya Bagras BGR-6005

    Surya Bagras BGR-6005

    Starting at: $170.00
  2. Surya Gypsy GYP-206

    Surya Gypsy GYP-206

    Starting at: $129.00
  3. Surya Athena ATH-5061

    Surya Athena ATH-5061

    Starting at: $96.00
  4. Surya Athena ATH-5125

    Surya Athena ATH-5125

    Starting at: $96.00
  1. Surya Blox Collection BLX-9002

    Surya Blox Collection BLX-9002

    Starting at: $138.00
  2. Surya Lava Collection LVA-8017

    Surya Lava Collection LVA-8017

    Starting at: $92.00
  3. Surya Alameda AMD-1021

    Surya Alameda AMD-1021

    Starting at: $103.00
  4. Surya Avignon Collection AVI-2001

    Surya Avignon Collection AVI-2001

    Starting at: $112.00
  1. Surya Riley RLY-5007

    Surya Riley RLY-5007

    Starting at: $62.00
  2. Surya Bambino Collection BBO-5014

    Surya Bambino Collection BBO-5014

    Starting at: $78.00
  3. Surya Riley RLY-5039

    Surya Riley RLY-5039

    Starting at: $62.00
  4. Surya Riley RLY-5067

    Surya Riley RLY-5067

    Starting at: $516.00

Items 1 to 32 of 600 total   

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For over three decades, Surya has been known in the rug industry for the quality, innovation and luxury of their rug collections. With a design team that produces products to complement the latest fashion and interior design trend, Surya offers rugs that become the foundation and inspiration in interior design.

With the success of their rugs, Surya took their design capabilities to the next step to meet consumer demand. They now offer a variety of accessories that coordinate with their rug offerings. Surya is proud of their commitment to customer service and their innovative designs and will continue to serve their customers by offering the most up to the minute designs in home decor.