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  1. Safavieh FT234A French Tapis

    Safavieh FT234A French Tapis

    Starting at: $172.00
  2. Safavieh BK147A Berkeley

    Safavieh BK147A Berkeley

    Starting at: $137.00
  3. Safavieh PRL2714E Porcello

    Safavieh PRL2714E Porcello

    Starting at: $94.00
  4. Safavieh FT227A French Tapis

    Safavieh FT227A French Tapis

    Starting at: $161.00
  1. Safavieh MET989B Metro

    Safavieh MET989B Metro

    Starting at: $244.00
  2. Safavieh PRL2709A Porcello

    Safavieh PRL2709A Porcello

    Starting at: $52.00
  3. Safavieh BK46D Berkeley

    Safavieh BK46D Berkeley

    Starting at: $147.00
  4. Safavieh MET985B Metro

    Safavieh MET985B Metro

    Starting at: $244.00
  1. Safavieh HK312A Chelsea

    Safavieh HK312A Chelsea

    Starting at: $57.00
  2. Safavieh BK46A Berkeley

    Safavieh BK46A Berkeley

    Starting at: $89.00
  3. Safavieh FT230A French Tapis

    Safavieh FT230A French Tapis

    Starting at: $172.00
  4. Safavieh FT237A French Tapis

    Safavieh FT237A French Tapis

    Starting at: $172.00
  1. Safavieh BK147B Berkeley

    Safavieh BK147B Berkeley

    Starting at: $89.00
  2. Safavieh FT228A French Tapis

    Safavieh FT228A French Tapis

    Starting at: $386.00
  3. Safavieh MET990A Metro

    Safavieh MET990A Metro

    Starting at: $244.00
  4. Safavieh PRL2709B Porcello

    Safavieh PRL2709B Porcello

    Starting at: $112.00
  1. Safavieh BK809A Berkeley

    Safavieh BK809A Berkeley

    Starting at: $102.00
  2. Safavieh MET985D Metro

    Safavieh MET985D Metro

    Starting at: $244.00
  3. Safavieh HK91A Chelsea

    Safavieh HK91A Chelsea

    Starting at: $40.00
  4. Safavieh BK46B Berkeley

    Safavieh BK46B Berkeley

    Starting at: $89.00
  1. Safavieh MET968A Metro

    Safavieh MET968A Metro

    Starting at: $244.00
  2. Safavieh HK296A Chelsea

    Safavieh HK296A Chelsea

    Starting at: $83.00
  3. Safavieh BK305C Berkeley

    Safavieh BK305C Berkeley

    Starting at: $102.00

23 Item(s)   

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With nearly 95 years of providing fine rug offerings, Safavieh has become a distinguished industry leader in the making and importing of quality rugs. Established in 1914 in Persian, and immigrating to the United States over 60 years later, Safevieh has watched three generations of this family run business bring their knowledge and experience to their outstanding rug collections.

With an unbelievable EIGHT prestigious American Magnificent Carpet Awards, which are awarded by the respected home design magazine Architectural Digest, Safavieh’s collections range from museum quality antiques and reproductions to the cutting edge of contemporary style. From their New York headquarters, Safavieh has expanded their offerings to include home décor products and upholstered lines from around the world.