Bowron Rugs

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For over 120 years, Bowron has been involved with the finest sheepskin products from New Zealand. Formed in 1879 by the Bowron brothers, the small tannery has grown from a one family operation to a worldwide supplier of sheepskin rugs, and they’ve done so without sacrificing the quality and personal attention that Bowron is known for.

At the heart of Bowron’s success remains the access to the finest quality stock in New Zealand along with a unique tanning method that has been perfected over the past century. Their sheepskin products range from the most luxurious of sheepskin rugs to whimsical children’s rugs to the casual chic shearling rugs. From their humble New Zealand beginnings, Bowron has grown to provide worldwide distribution of outstanding New Zealand products, but even more impressively, they’ve done so without sacrificing their signature quality.