American Cottage Rugs

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The recent winner of the Magnificent Carpet Award by Architectural Digest, American Cottage offers handmade rugs and decorative throw pillows of original copyrighted designs. One of the only designer owned rug companies in the world, owner/designer Jodi Sleeper is known for her artistic inspirations gathered from her native New England. Having worked with some of the world’s top rug design professionals, Ms. Sleeper struck out on her own to form American Cottage seventeen years ago and she’s known for her rugs that create “instant, deep connections”.

For traditional memories and the creation of instant heirlooms, American Cottage rugs bring styles from whimsical to folksy to traditional to these works of art. Each American Cottage rug is hand hooked with 100% wool and backed by cotton and latex. With proper care, these works of art are sure to be treasured for generations.