Becoming an Expert Interior Decorator Takes Study

Wendi Mannix inspiration can come from almost anywhere, but knowing how to use new themes in her interior design took years of examination and hard work.

Thanks for joining us, Wendi! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into interior design. What would you describe as your style? Influences? Are there designers that you emulate?

I have been passionate about interior design since I was five years old!  In fact, I used to draw floor plans just for fun.  I guess you could say that interior design go into me!  I went on to earn a B.A. in Art History from Wellesley College and there was no turning back.  I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling than helping people live well in a space that inspires them every day.

My personal style is constantly changing!  I have lived in Maine, Massachusetts and Florida and have spent a lot of time in Italy.  I believe a home should not only tell your personal story, but also reflect the time and the place in which you live.

There are many other designers whose work I admire.  I love Kelly Wearstler’s unexpected, modern take on glamorous style.

When you enter a room can you tell if it has been professionally decorated? What are the tell tale signs?

Not always!  There are a lot of homeowners out there who are very creative and passionate about their interiors.  That said, the sign that a room has been professionally decorated is usually evident in the details.

Which project are you most proud of and why?

My own personal residence!  As a designer, it is an incredible challenge to design your own space.  I especially love my office, which is my creative space so it is entirely white.

Are there any rules you must follow when decorating your own space? When should you call in a designer?

The only rule I suggest that homeowners follow is to make their space tell their personal story.  A space should reflect who you are, where you’ve been and what inspires you.  It should not follow any particular theme or trend.  I find that most of my clients have a great personal aesthetic and just need some help pulling all of the details together.

We like rugs. Tell me a little about the various ways your incorporate them into your designs.

I like rugs, too!  Rugs can be the feature in a room, or a great, neutral way to add texture to a space.  Here in Miami we have a lot of open floor plans, so they are also a great way to define different spaces within a large space.

Why do you rely on area rugs? What is the biggest addition they make to a room? Do you have a particular type, size or color rug that you like to include in your work? Any that you avoid?

Rugs bring to rooms what accessories bring to an outfit.  They are a necessary part of the overall design, but can play a lead role or a supporting role.  Either way, a room, as with an outfit, is incomplete without them!

Anything else to add? And where can readers find your work or book a consultation?

Thank you very much for the opportunity to share my design philosophy with you and your readers. They can find my work online and contact me there as well if they would like to create an inspired interior together!


One thought on “Becoming an Expert Interior Decorator Takes Study

  1. Wendi; You definately sound as though you are truly a passionately inspired decorator. I will contact you on your website to schedule a meeting the next time you are in Maine.

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