Suzanne Lasky: Finding the Right Balance

SuzanneNorthern Arizona gives Suzanne Lasky the perfect opportunity to use indoor and outdoor area rugs to make her clients space unique and comfortable.

Thanks for joining us, Suzanne! Tell us a little bit about your training in interior design and how you came to live and work in Arizona.


I moved to Arizona from Indiana with my husband, dog and cat to work at Dial, Inc. as a product manager in their household products division. After 14 years in a successful corporate marketing career, I resigned and went back to school to add an A.A.S. Degree in Interior Design to formal education that includes a Masters of Business degree. I am fortunate to have a great balance of right brain and left-brain strengths which allow me to run a successful Design business.


Arizona is a dry place, does that make it a challenging marketplace for robust interior decorating? Describe some of the major influences for the area?

Yes it is dry not to mention HOT. The weather influences the choice of fabrics in terms of their ability to withstand the strong sun and protection measures against fading. Of course the Southwest influences design particular when designing for client’s second homes, and for those who are newly relocated to the area. In these instances we often will incorporate tasteful ethnic and regional aspects in colors chosen, artwork or accessories.

Do you have a design philosophy? How do you try and implement it in your work?

Our design philosophy as evidenced by our portfolio is understanding each client’s unique desires, needs and lifestyles and translating it all into their home environments. I always strive to introduce my client’s to new options in materials or styles and spend time educating them about the pros and cons of the design choices being made.


Are your clients typically looking for big jobs, or a room-by-room type thing?


No such thing as ‘typical’. We do everything from full house remodels to room-by-room aesthetic only transformations.

When it comes to floor coverings, tell us how you incorporate area rugs into your designs.

We love area rugs–they ground a space visually and often inspire the color palette for a room’s design. I use area rugs extensively in my designs including placing them on top of wall-to-wall carpeting.

Area rugs add some warmth to space, but Arizona seems plenty hot enough. What are some other ways they can be incorporated into your work?

It gets cold here for several months of the year and everyone still loves to have something soft underfoot regardless of the temperature. I have used unique area rugs as wall hangings too!

Do you have any types of rugs you use more often than others? Less?

I use pure wool area rugs most often. The wool fibers are hard wearing and take the dye colors best. I also use indoor/outdoor rugs in families with young children so Mom can simply hose off the mess!

Where can readers find your work, or make a booking for an estimate?

Readers can find our work on our web site at on the Gallery page, and on S Interior Design was just honored to be names the Best of Houzz 2013!

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