Staging Success: Shirin Sarikhani

When staging homes for sale, almost no one is better than Seattle’s Shrin Sarikhani., an interior decorator with her client’s best interest in mind.

What are some of the first things you try to notice when meeting a new client at their space? Do you have a checklist? 

My most important agenda during my first apt is to figure out what are their expectations and if they have any specific requirements.

Your job is filled with challenges. Which do you face most often? Do you have a method to work through those problems? 

Yes we do face challenges. Some are people challenges, but we have learned to ask right questions and let them feel that we hear them and understand where they come from. Other challenges are difficult spaces. Some homes are just difficult to design. I’ve learned that my first impressions are usually correct and I have been trying hard to listen more to myself. But I always create a back up plan.

Describe to us the project you are most proud to have designed. What did it look like before? After? 

This is a hard question. One of the first homes that I staged is still my favorite project. The homeowners didn’t want to spend any money to landscape, paint, change carpets. But, we turned a blah house that was blue inside and out with navy shag rugs, into a hip an inviting home. We took a unused space into a beautiful work space. Since we had to work with lots of blues, we brought rust orange and browns and carried the colors throughout. The color combination and the flow made the whole thing work together. The house was sold for $40,000 more than asking price in one hour.

We love rugs. Can you take us through how you use area rugs in your business? Which type of designs do you see yourself using more? Less? 

When it comes to rugs and staging, I have two different approaches. If there is beautiful wood floor, we like to show it off. So we use rugs to anchor the living rooms and define these spaces, but we leave the dining room floors blank to show the wood floors. Our favorite carpets are shag in neutral colors and sisals. I don’t like to use colorful carpets or the ones with patterns, since they become a distraction. We do use Persian rugs for our traditional homes and they work well for these homes.

Which area rugs do you find most durable? Least durable? 

Oriental rugs are the most durable and, I think that sisal are some of the the least durable.

Any assistance on how to cut down on the initial price? 

Carpets are expensive, the good ones at least. We try to buy them for our wholesaler vendors. The Persian rugs we buy directly from importers.

Thanks for your time today! Any more hints for our readers?

Sure thing. It was a pleasure!

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