Regina Kurtz: Understanding the Design Climate

Southern California interior designer Regina Kurtz understands climate and client can help turn a good design into something great.

Thanks for joining us, Regina! Tell us a little bit about your training in interior design and how you came to choose both the profession and location.

With interests always rooted in the arts, my first career was in the fashion industry in New York.  When I moved to Southern California inspired me to re-think my professional goals, realizing that an alternative career in interior design would allow me to express my creativity while improving and enriching other people’ lives. Returning to college to earn a BA degree in interior design, I knew from the very first class that I had made the right choice and I have never for one moment regretted my decision.

Is Southern California a challenging market for interior decorating? What are some of the major influences for the area?

Not necessarily. Because we are not steeped in tradition the way that the East Coast is, there are more opportunities to “ think outside the box”.  We have a wide variety of architectural styles that afford wonderful opportunities for creative expression, and our mild and consistent climate allows us to experiment with new materials and technologies both in interior as well as exterior spaces.

What’s your design philosophy? How do you try and implement it in your work?

Function and beauty are the foundations of my design philosophy and are the main elements on which I build all of my designs. This, along with respect for the architecture of the space and an understanding of the client’s needs and desires is what results in successful design solutions and happy clients.

Are your clients typically looking for big jobs, or a room-by-room type thing?

Both.  At any given time I can be working on a simple kitchen or bathroom remodel at the same time as I am designing a spatially challenged high rise condo and or a multimillion dollar mansion.

When it comes to floor coverings, tell us how you incorporate area rugs into your designs.

I find that I am using area rugs now more than ever. Since so many of my clients are opting for hard surface floors such as stone and hardwood, I use  area rugs to provide the warmth and texture previously provided by wall to wall carpet. In addition  I often use them to define a space, create a focal point, establish a color scheme and-or  bring the various elements of a room or space together..

Do you have any types of rugs you use more often than others in Southern California? Favorites for certain homes?

No.  I use a wide variety of rugs, from traditional Persian patterns in my more traditional designs, to the less complicated motifs found in colorful Tibetan designs when I am working on more contemporary spaces. Frequently I work with companies that allow me to custom color their designs, and if I am looking for texture rather than pattern and color to pull a space together I love the look of natural sisal.

Any other tips or tricks for using area rugs?

Although rugs are traditionally used on floors, I have on occasion used them as wall hangings. They can make a very dramatic statement and can be a wonderful substitute for the more expected framed art.


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