Myriam Payne is Working to Make Comfort Fashionable

Myriam Payne is an interior designer with Decorating Den Interiors in South Florida. She focuses on comfort and practicality in her work!

Is Miami a challenging market for interior decorating?

I think Miami, actually, the entire South Florida area, is a very exciting market for decorating. The population is very diverse so clients have a broad range of design tastes and interest.  Every project is a totally new experience – it could me traditional with a Spanish flair, or contemporary with rustic or Asian influences.  I love every challenge that my clients present to me in each project.

What are some of the major influences for the area?

As I mentioned above, this market is very diverse.  As a result, there are vast international influences in the South Florida market, especially from Europe and Latin America.  I see strong influences from the more contemporary and sleek Italian design and furniture markets.  At the same time, the rich woods and colors of hand-crafted Latin American designs also influence this market.  Rustic pieces and styling even in wood floors and furniture are creeping into every style of décor in our area. I find that the confluence of these varied styles creates a beautiful and unique look that can be totally customized to the likes and desires of each client.  I can then create a very individual look that fits not only the client’s personality but also their lifestyle.

 What’s your design philosophy and how do you try and implement it in your work?

My design philosophy is to transform rooms into comfortable living areas that delight the senses with rich, warm colors and inviting textures that beautifully fit the family’s lifestyle and personality.

I find that the most effective way to implement my design philosophy in my work is to start each project with an extensive interview with the clients regarding their likes, desires, and expectations for each space we are planning to redecorate or remodel.  It is important to maintain open lines of communication during the entire process.  Having the client involved in the design process is key to a successful outcome.

Are your clients typically looking for big jobs, or a room-by-room type things?  

Both. I have worked with clients that want me to redesign their entire home – every room including kitchen and bathrooms.  I have also had clients that prefer to move slowly on a room-to-room basis.  It really depends on each client’s budget.  Either way, I can help them by putting together a design plan and implementing it accordance with the pre-approved budget.  I take care of every detail for my clients, from the initial design, estimate and budgeting, selection of products, finishes, and colors, coordination and supervision of all work done by subcontractors, as well as all deliveries, and installations.

When it comes to floor coverings, tell us how you incorporate area rugs into your designs.  Area rugs add some warmth to space. What are some other ways they can be? Do you have any types of rugs you use more often than others in Miami?

Area rugs are a very important element of the interior design plan.  Area rugs have very practical applications, such as protecting underlying wood floors or providing warm and soft areas for walking barefoot around our beds in the bedroom.  Area rugs also provide color and texture – two very essential elements of a good interior design.  They also bring furniture groupings together making them welcoming and inviting.

I tend to favor area rugs that are rich in textures and colors.  I also like using hides and area rugs made of different types and colors of hides, sometimes combined with leathers.

Any other tips or tricks for using area rugs?

Area rugs make beautiful wall hangings that can be used as wall art.  So many of our South Florida homes have such tall ceilings and so many tall, tall walls that often an area rug with a specific design, texture, or color scheme is the best alternative to another large piece of art.

Where can readers find your work, or make a booking for an estimate?

Readers can visit my blog at or call my office at (954) 659-2017 to book an initial complimentary consultation in the client’s own home.

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