Jeanette Cataldo: Let’s Design It!

JeanetteFrom the moment she took her first internship in college Jeanette Cataldo knew she wanted to be a designer. The Boston-based interior designer now has more than 40 years of business know-how and a satisfied client base.

Thanks for joining us, Jeanette. Tell us a little bit about how you got started in interior design.

In 1975 I took a summer course at New England School of Art & Design and knew at that time this was the profession I wanted to pursue. Some stories are long and complicated but mine was straightforward. I wanted to be a designer.

New England is a wonderful place to work with design.  Which classic New England features do you try and incorporate into your designs? How do you try and limit it?

Boston has wonderful history filled with so many different features. It really depends on the project, I can work with Classic New England or Cosmopolitan….

Describe some of your more challenging spaces? Does a unique layout benefit the designer by expanding their ability to be creative? Or does it limit options?

Yes, I believe you always need a challenge. It keeps your creative energies alive. In my opinion, design has no limits. It’s all up to you to find the most creative and functional solution.

Open floor plans are more popular than ever and many clients are consumed with the idea of flow.  How do you ensure against clutter, and that the occupant always feels stress-free in that space?

I personally love to design an open floor plan. I try to create invisible boundaries. I think my clients always get a great sense from those types of designs.

Area rugs are versatile. New England homes and businesses use lots of hardwood floors. Explain how you incorporate area rugs into your designs.

I like to design an area rug that is shaped to the space. Very few of my rug designs are your typical  shapes which might be expensive, or not, but it’s a necessary part of the perfect design.

Do you have a type of area rug that you lean on most? Or is it a case-by-case basis?

I would say that finding the right rug is most certainly a case-by-case basis.

Are there price limits when it comes to rugs? 

In design I there are price limits on everything. However, my clients will go a little over their price limit for a unique rug. It’s a great addition to most rooms!

Do you have any final words of design advice?

Specialize! I feel in this economy along with all the do-it-yourself shows people are looking for expertise. Find an area in design that you love and specialize in it.

Where can readers see your work, or make an appointment for consultation?  781-231-0238


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