Jamie Herzlinger: From Fashion to Design

head shotFormer fashion designer Jamie Herzelinger has taken her fashion sense and created a successful interior design business in Arizona.

Thanks for joining us, Jamie. Tell us a little bit about how you got your start in interior design?

Thank you for asking me.  I had an unusual start in my Interior Design career.  I grew up in Manhattan, and really was raised in the garment center.  My great grandfather had tanneries in Vienna and supplied the clothing industry in those years.  When my family came to America in 1905 my grandfather began a women’s coat company called Herzlinger coats.  He specialized in a beautiful woolen fabric with fur trim collars and cuffs.  He had a nickname of “King of the Foxes” as he was always doing business with the Canadian trappers.  He then went into licensing couture brands such as Pierre Cardin, Nina Ricci and his company grew to be one of the top coat manufacturers in the country.  My father naturally joined him.  My mother and Ann Klein were the top fashion designers in the 60’s and 70’s so truly the guests of my family were the people who made fashion.  I too had my own label, Jamie Herzlinger, and specialized in a high fashion sportswear that sold all over the country.  Twenty years ago I made the leap into Interior Design.  And from there it’s all history.

You live and work in Arizona. What are some Arizona-like themes you carry into your design. Is there a big Mexican influence in the designs you see in the area?

I love living in Arizona, and Arizona has influenced my approach to interiors as far as a more elegant casual lifestyle approach.  As for interiors in Scottsdale, people tend to think because we are a border state that Mexico influences our design and it does not, as far as Scottsdale and Phoenix.  Scottsdale and Phoenix are more cosmopolitan and the trends really follow more California.

All spaces are unique, but in Arizona you must find that there are design features every client wants. Which are most popular? Any type of furniture or finishing you find dependable in pleasing your client? 

I would say that the question you are asking really pertains to lifestyle, and that for Arizona is greatly influenced by our weather.  So the design element that is always requested is a lot of attention to outdoor living.  Where in the East Coast- your out door lives are mostly the true summer months, in Arizona we consider our outdoor living all year round.

What are you first priorities when meeting a new client in a new space? How much are you matching their needs to your design experiences and current forms of inspiration?

My first priority when meeting a client for the first time is to understand what their expectations of the design of their new home is.  I am always matching their needs to my experience, as that is why they have hired me.

Arizona has grand hallways and with that comes nice hardwood floors, and eventually some area rugs. Tell us how you use rugs in your designs.

Because Arizona has the land to spread out, our larger homes do have grand hallways-that is definitely a request we get when designing a new home or remodel-to have large hallways.  Rugs are a very important aspect as I use them as I would use art on a wall.

Do you have a type of area rug that you lean on most? Or is it a case-by-case basis?

I don’t have a set type of rug that I use in my design work, I usually design my rugs to fit the design theme.

Is there a price limit on what you’ll spend on the rug? 

My budgets are dictated by my client  and the price for rugs is always predicated on whether they are hand knotted or machine made.

Any words of design advice for the wannabe’s out there?!

My pearls of wisdom for anyone wanting to go into this fold would be to work for a while in a design company whose aesthetic they like

Where can readers see your work, or make an appointment for consultation?

Reader can see my work at Jamieherzlinger.com and they can call 1-800-983-0031


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