Andrea Bazilus: A Natural Fit

AndreaWhether on the beaches of Southern California or the arid landscape of Arizona desert, Andrea Bazilus utilizes existing architecture and natural surroundings to create the perfect design for her clients.

Thanks for joining us, Andrea! Tell us a little bit about your training in interior design and how you came to choose living and working in Arizona.

Growing up in California, I always had a strong interest in Interior Design and Decorating. From a very young age my family used to frequent model homes and home design shows. I always knew that a career in Interior Design is what I wanted to pursue. I attended a private Interior Design College in Long Beach, CA where I took instantly took to all of my classes and training. I began my career working in Southern California where beachfront residential projects were an every day occurrence.

I decided to move to Arizona in 2008 mostly because of the sunny weather and the vast Interior Design opportunities that Phoenix has to offer.  Modern and Contemporary Design Elements are seen in every aspect of desert living and that is a perfect fit for me esthetically. After over a decade of working in all areas of the Design Industry, I decided to venture out on my own. My company, Red Egg Design Group, is now a full service Interior Design firm specializing in modern and contemporary desert designs.

Arizona is a dry place, does that make it a challenging marketplace for robust interior decorating? Describe some of the major influences for the area?

Architecturally, the majority of homes in Arizona lean towards contemporary, modern and overall clean lines in design. We are huge proponents of letting the outdoors in and many natural and organic features are used in almost all of my projects. Desert scenery is so beautiful and vast that many interior features are large picture windows and sliding walls of glass. Since we live outdoors year round, seamless transitions from interior to exterior are a feature of all of the projects that I am involved in.

Frank Lloyd Wright is also a huge influence in the Phoenix area. He built his vacation home, Taliesin West, here in 1937. His works as well as his apprentice’s designs are displayed magnificently throughout Arizona in many public buildings, hotels and private residences.

Do you have a design philosophy? How do you try and implement it in your work?

My biggest design philosophy is that a home’s interior needs to be reflective of the existing architecture and the family that lives there. Designing an all white delicate space would obviously not be conducive to a family of five with young children. I try very hard with every project to make the interior work esthetically with the architecture and natural surroundings of the home. I also always keep in mind who my clients are and what will ultimately function for them the best now and in the future.

Are your clients typically looking for big jobs, or a room-by-room type thing?

Every project is different and that is why I love my job! Right now I involved in everything from new construction, kitchen and bath remodels, exterior planning and even selecting just paint colors. I enjoy every project and the opportunity to help my clients love their home.

When it comes to floor coverings, tell us how you incorporate area rugs into your designs.

I use area rugs and rug accents in almost every project that I am designing. With keeping the theme of using natural elements in mind, almost all of my projects consist of wood flooring, natural stone, stained concrete and/or organic materials. I use area rugs to bring color, texture and sound absorption in most furniture arrangements. While most architectural features are natural tones, area rugs are a great way to bring in the desired colors and patterns into the space that do not exist naturally.

Area rugs add some warmth to space, but Arizona seems plenty hot enough. Do you find that area rugs don’t work for this reason?

In Arizona we do not use area rugs for warmth- you are right about that! Area rugs are use as a decorative element and to help to ground furniture arrangements.

Do you have any types of rugs you use more often than others? Less?

I primarily use area rugs that are of a natural quality. Hair on Hide rugs are a favorite because they work so well in Desert Contemporary décor. I also use a lot of tone on tone area rugs that are made of natural and recycled materials.

I usually do not use antique traditional area rugs. While they are very beautiful, my projects are just too contemporary and modern to work with those types of designs.

Where can readers find your work, or make a booking for an estimate?

Red Egg Design Group is on every Social Media Outlet. A good starting place is my website


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