100 Best Interior Design Twitter Feeds

Designers are particularly good at working with minimal space, so it should come as no surprise that their tweets are usually concise and captivating. Below are 100 of our favorite places to find inspiration, tips, and advice on anything and everything related to interior design. Check them out!

1. Design By IKEA: IKEA’s official Twitter page is chock full of cool tips and quintessential IKEA style.

2. Erganic Living:A home design blog with a happy, upbeat Twitter feed focused on design.

3. Love Home: A UK-based TV show focused on DIY and design projects.

4. Dwell: Modern, bold design is everywhere on this blog, which follows trend and reinvents classics daily.

5. MBrewczynska: Contributor to a UK-based blog called Inventive Interiors, Margaret is an “Interior Design Wizardess.”

6. Interiors Expert: Catherine runs an online boutique based in the UK, and her Twitter feed is full of cute, smart ideas.

7. About Property: About Property is a seemingly never-ending source of expertise on interior design, gardening, property law, and home improvement.

8. Sabrina Soto: Target Style Expert, clean freak, designer, and host of HGTV’s High/Low Project, Sabrina has a lot going on. Check out her Twitter feed to get style tips from the lady herself.

9. Home and Garden Blog: A great source of inspiration for everything home and garden.

10. The Sofa Guy: Paul may be “The Sofa Guy,” but he’s known for his inspirational quotes, tips, and advice as well.

11. New Creations International: A hub of interactive design talk, tips, and inspiration.

12. Homedios - You’ll find everything from teenage bedroom design ideas to eco-friendly home tips on this page.

13. Spa Style Inc: As the name suggests, you’ll find a ton of spa-inspired style tips here, to help bring tranquility and zen to your decorating.

14. Home Design Tips: HomeDesignTips is all over design trends and gossip, making them a source for unique ideas.

15. Home Style Guide: Based in South Africa, HSG covers everything from home to garden, and everything in between.

16. LuvneCom: Here you’ll find interior design inspiration, as well as other places to find interior design on the web.

17. GE Lighting Guy: Brice is an expert in lighting and interior design, and you’ll find a surplus of knowledge on his Twitter feed.

18. KG Style Inc: Budget friendly style lovers need look no further than this awesome feed for everything relating to styling on a dime.

19. Creative Indoors: You can find all kinds of design tips here, for every type of budget and space.

20. Eugene Decorating: Minimalist decorating lovers rejoice, this one’s for you.

21. Adore Your Place: DIYs and passionate decorating abound here, and readers are guaranteed inspiration in every post.

22. Houzz: The ubiquitous home design resource that everyone seems to know has ideas and tips for anyone, anywhere.

23. Home Spire: Simone is a home design maven with an eye for design and fearless style.

24. Indoor Outoor Style: A more modern take on design is featured prominently at indoor outdoor style, and city-dwellers will adore the small space tips.

25. Carrie Jayne: Carrie wears many hats, among them are visual merchandiser, interior designer, and designer of school play backdrops.

26. Premium Sofas: If you ever had a question about choosing a sofa, look no further than these guys.

27. Interior Your Home: Younger sister to Architect Your Home, this site provides interior design advice from the perspective of analytic minds.

28. Denise Willard: Denise is chock full of design ideas, especially for people in urban or transitional living settings.

29. Plumbs: Plumbs specializes in coverings of all kinds, from reupholstering to curtains to slip covers.

30. Simply Stunning: This site has all kinds of advice related to all kinds of home decoration. From DIY to market trends and real estate advice.

31. The Shadecard: These guys rock at repurposing design materials. and their feed is full of design advice for new and old alike.

32. Design and Refine: High-tech design abounds here in the form of 3D imaging and conceptual ideas.

33. Decor Interiors: A Boston-based interior design firm specializing in window treatments and fabrics.

34. Source 4 Interior: These guys describe themselves as a “virtual design firm,” and they work with clients over phone and email offering design advice.

35. Sarah Vespasian: Sarah is the creative director for prariehive.com, but her personal Twitter account is full of her fun, creative design aesthetic.

36. Gill Horner: Another UK based design firm which offers up tons of advice on interior design and handmade furnishings.

37. Jan Rothwell: Jan runs a company called Girl About The House, which has a ton of ideas for home renovation, DIY, and decorating.

38. Sheila Bird Group: This company specializes in interior design in office spaces, helping companies relocate and invigorate their spaces.

39. Interior Designr: Specializing in “no pretense interior design,” these guys serve up practical advice with a serious dose of humor.

40. Nothin’ But The Rent: If you pay rent, you must check these guys out. They cater to people who rent their abodes, helping make a home out of your space.

41. Kris Ginsberg: Kris specializes in home staging, but her tips are excellent for anyone looking to update their look.

42. Aya Concepts: These guys have a ton of advice on a ton of topics.

43. Concept DCF: Concept offers specialist advice for everyone from owners to builders and developers.

44. Strchd Interiors Kids: The best place to go for kids decorating advice may well be Stretched.

45. FJ Terry Designs: This London-based designer loves all things cool, contemporary, and classic.

46. eHomeBuilder: Budget conscious and seriously stylish, ehomebuilder is full of advice for anyone looking to update their look.

47. Butler Silcock: UK based source for everything interiors, including homebuying and decorating.

48. Stylebeat: Style-obsessed interior design lovers will drool over the awesome advice Marisa comes up with.

49. Floorsave: Everything you needed or wanted to know about flooring in one place? Oh yeah, it’s as good as it sounds.

50. Home Interiors NZ: This New Zealand-based interior design firm is full of design advice for anyone.

51. Lavish_Habitat: Lavish manages interior design projects and offers up free advice and fun updates on their work.

52. Jblovesdesign: Winner of HGTVs Design Star, Jennifer is a wearer of many hats.

53. Designerdiscfab: A Florida based fabric boutique with serious savvy and style.

54. Grace_INSEARCH: Grace is a design grad student in Sydney with a love for “art, arch, and design.”

55. Yasmin Holloway: Yasmin is a lover of all things interiors, and shares her insights on her Twitter.

56. Bloompapers_USA: The creators of a reusable faux-wallpaper line perfect for renters and committmentphobes, Bloompapers allows you to buy only what you need.

57. Pygmalion A1: A married team of designers take on all kinds of design situations at their firm.

58. Village Green 67: Village Green focuses on certain periods of design, translating them to home restoration and interior updates.

59. Kirsti Jones: Kirsti is a budding interior designer who shares all of her insights on her blog and Twitter.

60. MetropolisMag: Metropolis is a magazine at the forefront of architecture and design.

61. Decor Town: This site launches soon, but their Twitter page is already growing as a design obsessed community.

62. Frame Publishers: Frame is a European publication that stays at the forefront of design and architecture.

63. Windsor_Smith: A force in the interior design world, Windsor Smith creates rooms with color, texture, style, and purpose.

64. Color Age Inc: Based in NY, this design firm is focused on fantastic, cost-effective design.

65. LAkasa DESIGN: Ligia is a professional interior designer full of fun ideas for anyone to try in their own home.

66. Interiors Addict: Jen is a journalist turned interior designer who loves all kinds of design.

67. HomeAdore: This magazine covers everything architecture and interior design.

68. ASID: The American Society of Interior Designers is a gigantic community of interior design professionals nearly 30,000 strong. 

69. Designboom: Designboom is a magazine devoted to interior design that has been around since 1999.

70. Style At Home: Style At Home is a leading interior design magazine in Canada, and their web editors on Twitter display their serious style tips for anyone.

71. Remodelaholic: Cassity and Justin have remodeled a few houses in their day, and they’ve learned a thing or two along the way.

72. GHIDinc: Based in Portland, this firm loves all things interiors, from bath to remodeling to design.

73. NY Times Home: This ubiquitous publication that almost needs no introduction has, unsurprisingly, an excellent Twitter with awesome tips and tricks.

74. Colin Justin: Colin and Justin are the hosts of HGTVs “Colin & Justin’s Home Heist,” but you can find their expertise in a ton of different projects, including Twitter!

75. House and Home: House and Home is a Canadian publication with a plethora of advice for anyone looking to update their home.

76. Carolynlschulz: Carolyn teaches DIY jewelry, but she also has a serious passion for interior design.

78. MCarterCo: Carter & Company interior design has a classic, cool design aesthetic.

79. Latimeshome: LA Times Home is West coast style for anyone, regardless of your zip code.

80. Phaidon: Phaidon is a daily digest of the coolest interior design knowledge that the Internet has to offer.

81. Coreasotropa: Jacqueline is a designer, blogger, and all-around wonder woman of the design world.

82. Kmarthome: Kmart has always been known for budget friendly style, and they are no different on Twitter.

83. CentsationalGrl: Kate is obsessed with DIY projects and generally being fabulous for less.

84. 7th House Blog: Ashley is a designer and blogger whose blog chronicles her house to home projects.

85. GDLive_UK: Grand Designs Live is an biannual show that takes place in London, showcasing the best and brightest in design.

86. RSVP_Design: Specializing in custom, luxury remodeling in the Dallas, TX area.

87. Designerluv1: Teri is a professional designer who loves antiques and art.

88. Wayfair: You can find “a zillion things home” at Wayfair, a home design and improvement store. On their Twitter feed you’ll find “a zillion tweets home.”

89. CreateGirl: Julieann is a design consultant whose expertise and tips can help anyone spruce up their space.

90. CambriaQuartz: Cambria specializes in stone surfaces for the home, with eco-friendly practices and gorgeous patterns and colors.

91. Homedesignlover: A new design blog focused on giving inspiration and advice to anyone.

92. USBDHomeDesign: The US Building Digest keeps up-to-date on home building trends and design.

93. Home Design Blog: An online resource of interior design tips and tricks.

94. SPACEStv: Spaces is an on-the-rise Youtube channel devoted to interior design.

95. Terriart1: Terri is a design expert with tons of knowledge on interiors, gardens, and better living.

96. HomeDesigns: A collection of some awesome tips from top designers on Twitter.

97. Alicia Friedmann: Interior designer Alicia is an expert at balancing design aesthetic with her customers personal tastes.

98. Fresh Design Blog: Contemporary design advice for anyone looking for some inspiration.

99. Viahouse: Online resource for modern design tips and home improvement advice.

100. Living With White: A modern design blog coauthored by two white-loving designers with a fresh perspective.

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  1. A home interior needs to be comfortable to live within. It must be evolve from the person who is to live there, not be imposed. For me, any work of art should be chosen by a person.

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